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EPEC Should Have No Role on a Regional Renewable Energy Advisory Council

El Paso Politically - Mon, 01/25/2016 - 4:34pm
Thanks to a discussion begun by Rep. Peter Svarzbein, the Council tomorrow will consider a resolution to establish a Regional Renewable Energy Advisory Council. (Item 28.1 on the agenda.) 

As stated in the back-up materials for this item, the background is: "The City of El Paso currently has no citizen advisory board relative to renewable energy. With the decreasing costs of providing alternative forms of energy (i.e. solar) to the general public, this board would explore current (national and regional) trends for municipal adoption of renewable energy programs, and how to incorporate best practices." 

You can read the summary, resolution and presentation HERE.

The one defect in the proposed composition of the Council is the inclusion of "a single technical advisor from the local electric utility as a non-voting member."

Given the fact that "[a]t least five board members appointed by the City
Council will be required to demonstrate a knowledge of, or experience in at least one of the following areas: engineering, architecture,energy management, utility infrastructure and sustainable building practice," why does the Advisory Council even need a technical advisor from the local electric utility?

El Paso Electric is being untruthful when it asserts that rooftop solar is not paying their fair share for infrastructure - either generation or transmission. In fact, they are reducing the need for generation stations. First, EPEC uses a small percentage of their generating stations yet feels a need to continue to build expensive power plants. (Is it because they are planning to sell more energy back to the grid and make you pay for it?) Secondly, EPEC continues to invest in outdated natural gas power stations which are water guzzlers. The mining of natural gas through fracking is destroying ecosystems, aquifers and wells, causing earthquakes and releasing methane gas, a climate warming molecule more powerful than carbon dioxide. This is not renewable energy. EPEC's business models are like the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. They don't belong in this modern age.

Rooftop solar actually adds value to the grid. Yet users receive no more than a few cents for the electrons that they produce while the electric utility sells those same electrons for a nearly 500% profit! 

Now El Paso Electric has taken their rate case before the Texas Public Utility Commission. They want to charge all of us more AND they want to put solar users in a separate rate class and charge them an excessive amount for the fewer electrons that they buy from the utility. By the same logic, shouldn't EPEC charge customers with energy saving appliances more than others? Simply put, EPEC wants to eliminate its competition: the solar industry. They are part of a national cabal of petroleum, gas and coal producers who want to stop the solar industry. 

Bottom line: given the fact that the El Paso Electric Company wants to destroy the renewable solar industry in El Paso, they should have no part in a Regional Renewable Energy Advisory Council.

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Unchain the Dogs

El Paso Politically - Thu, 01/21/2016 - 4:48pm
No. The title is not metaphorical. I literally mean "unchain the dogs". You have probably heard on the news or read online at the Herald Post the story that Las Cruces passed an ordinance last week that puts severe restrictions on . . . well, restricting dogs with a tether of whatever kind.

As you also probably know El Paso's City Council has recently made strides to make the city's animal shelter a no-kill shelter. It would be great if Council would now follow this up with an ordinance similar to the one Las Cruces just passed. We all know far too many instances in our City where dogs are chained - many for 24/7 365 days of the year. It's wrong.

Archived on the web is a site that asks a very poignant question: "We have many forms of entertainment: movies, music, friends. Your dog only has YOU. If you can't give a dog a good life, should you have one?"

Also check out the Texas Humane Legislation Network. And Animal Advocates.

If someone doesn't have a yard that's fenced off where a dog can have room to run and play and doesn't allow the animal to come into the house and be with and sleep with the "pack", then that person should probably not have a dog.

BTW, I'm an avid cat lover. But I love all animals and it breaks my heart when I see dogs chained up. They want love just as you and I do.

[If you get elpasopolitically by email, the video won't be embedded. Go to to view.]

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Whoever is dishonest in a very little...

El Paso Politically - Tue, 01/19/2016 - 5:36pm
For all of the ten years that I have been a blogger, I don't think that I have ever quoted Scripture. I too often have found that those who quote scripture usually quote it as some "proof" for their argument and they usually quote out of context. However, today I'm making an exception. There is a wisdom saying attributed to Jesus in St. Luke's Gospel: "Whoever is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much; and whoever is dishonest in a very little is dishonest also in much." (Luke 16:10)

It has been said on the blogosphere that the chump change of $9,000 or so spent on speed humps at Cathedral and the efforts to replace First Southwest which never came to fruition are somehow picayune. But they aren't. Granted, the impact of these ethical lapses wasn’t great, although had it been successful, replacing First Southwest in the manner attempted would have had more serious consequences.

Let's start with the speed humps. Some have said that they were placed there to protect children rather than appease rich Cathedral donors. Please tell me when any child has been harmed by traffic at Cathedral High School. Please document one instance. (And please tell me how many “children”—as opposed to adolescents—attend this or any other high school.) There is plenty of space for drop-offs and proper places for pedestrian crossings. No, the humps were done as a political favor with the wink that donations are always accepted. And, yes, that's just politics. But, no, it's not ethical, especially given the fact that the head of Streets and Maintenance pointed out that it violated rules, making it also illegal.

Now let's turn to the Romero-Gonzalez attempt to cancel a contract with First Southwest and give it to Estrada Hinojosa. Again the entanglements are just politics but politics of the worst kind. The only reason the R&G cabal failed was because they got caught. Again, here's my parable:

"Once upon a time in a galaxy pretty damn close to home, two men decided that they would rob the First El Paso Bank & Trust. They donned ski masks and armed themselves with semi-automatics. They stormed into the bank and demanded the tellers empty their drawers and that the bank manager take them into the vault. It occurred to them suddenly that they might get into a lot of trouble. The sounds of sirens in the distance was their first clue. So, they decided to abort their mission. On leaving empty-handed they said: "Sorry for the mistake. But, hey, no harm, no foul."

If someone is unethical in little things, that person will be unethical in big things. Or, as Jesus said: "Whoever is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much; and whoever is dishonest in a very little is dishonest also in much."

Of course, City Council is largely to blame for the dysfunctions in the city—perhaps even more than our part-time City Manager who, to his credit, has cleaned up the worst department: Engineering. Their infighting and palace intrigues have done El Pasoans no good and constitue a separate issue. For now and until the investigation is finished, the focus is on Romero and Gonzalez. 

If Council had the guts, they would have fired Gonzalez already. Instead they need the CYA of the investigation especially while attorneys figure out just how much the City will have to cough up to cancel Tommy's contract. It's all politics and it is no good. And please don't tell me that there aren't good people out there who can do good things. There are. 

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Who's Minding the Store?

El Paso Politically - Mon, 01/18/2016 - 4:42pm
The Halcyon Gallery in London which sells "distinguished" art collections to their clients.
Better yet - Who's minding the museums? Here's the rundown:

El Paso Museum of Art - NO Director
El Paso Museum of Archaeology - NO Director
El Paso History Museum - NO Director

Once again in order to "save" the city some dollars, part-time City Manager, Tommy Gonzalez, slashes jobs (important jobs) rather than truly streamlining processes. So, who's minding the museums? Tracey Jerome, an art gallery director and now the Director of the City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs (MCAD). The only problem is that there is a big difference between running an art gallery and curating an art museum not to mention a museum of archaeology and a history museum. 

One keen El Paso observer of city management said that the lack of directors at all threee museums "makes for a pretty culture-less climate."

Jerome was the Director of the Halcyon Gallery in London, a modern and contemporary art market. Exhibitors include Dale Chihuly, Bob Dylan (yes, that Bob Dylan), Wu Jing Ju and others. 

Russell Young banner on
Currently the featured exhibit is artwork by Russell Young. Halcyon boasts: "With over thirty years of experience in the art market, Halcyon Gallery is committed to building distinguished art collections for our clients." (Will someone please check to see if the Peter Hurd, Andrew Wyeth and José Cisneros paintings are still hanging at the museum?)

Curators of specialized museums (history, art, archaeology) must be expert in their fields. It is one thing to run a gallery that caters to those who can afford expensive contemporary art collections and another thing to oversee ancient Native American artifacts and 13th Century European art.

Once again, Tommy G has short-changed El Paso.

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City Manager Violates Ordinance

El Paso Politically - Thu, 01/14/2016 - 4:19pm
I am a member and the vice-chair of the Open Space Advisory Board (OSAB). The ordinance establishing OSAB is quite clear about our duties and responsibilities. We are an advisory board that recommends actions to the City Council regarding the open space master plan. Simple enough.

At our meeting yesterday, we were given a quarterly review of pending motions (recommendations) that we have made to City Council. Here's a list and where things stand:

Natural Open Space Zoning District Revisions - "Awaiting direction from the City Manager's office regarding the placement of this item on a future City Council Agenda."

Two Rezones to the Natural Open Space Zoning District - "Staff will place both items on Council's agenda on the same day that Council hears revision to the NOS zoning ordinance." I.e., awaiting direction from the City Manager's office.

Land Adjacent to Keystone Heritage Park - "On-going." I.e., awaiting direction from the City Manager's office.

Resolution Regarding City-Owned Land Adjacent to Open Space - "Awaiting direction from the City Manager's office regarding the placement of this item on a future City Council agenda."

All of these recommendations are months-old. The first (revision of the NOS) soon will be a year-old. What's the hold-up? "Awaiting direction from the City Manager's office."

Although the ordinance establishing OSAB, passed by our elected representatives, clearly states that OSAB recommends to City Council, those recommendations can be kept from the eyes of City Council by the whim of our part-time City Manager, Tommy Gonzalez. (I guess that, when you also have demanding consulting work, you just don't have time to look at everything.)

Bottom line: Tommy Gonzalez is once again guilty of overriding the policies of City Council by thwarting an ordinance of this City.

These recommendations should be forthwith put on the Council's agenda. By ordinance, OSAB reports to the City Council not to Tommy Gonzalez.

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Nerves and Mordidas

El Paso Politically - Mon, 01/11/2016 - 5:03pm
My post last Wednesday (El Paso Doesn't Need Consultants to Run El Paso) hit some nerves. If you haven't read the comments, you might want to do so. All is not happy in Tommyland.

One comment stood out however:

"Well the years former CM Wilson was at the City and had 4 DCM's the critics were crying that we didn't need them, didn't understand why she had them and they all made around $170k each. So the new CM gets rid of that structure brings in 1 similar position - CPO and hires current staff at a lot less money to "assist" him. What's the saying? "Please all, please none". At any given time is some citizen that is a city hall watch dog going to accuse the city of corruption - yep. Define corruption and define who is actually corrupt. There are many of us citizens that truly believe the corruption is in the bowels of city hall among the long time staff that plays games with the users/vendors of the city - no matter who the CM is and their deputies. Council is too ignorant of the rules and processes to even understand how its being done and how to do it themselves. Even their staff has no clue unless they are career politicos like the one in Acosta's office. She gets it big time - she spent years at the county where corruption was king." [Emphasis mine.]

And, I agree - no matter who the City Manager is or who the CM's deputies are. We are moving into the far more shadowy realm of the mordida and other misdeeds. A former Parks official once confessed to me that he told vendors that, if they wanted to do business with him, they needed to grease his palm. Disgusting.

Here's the deal: If you have stories to tell about internal corruption, please feel free to email me at You can also call me at 915-525-7364 and not even give your name. I promise that I will never divulge your identity. I'll just share your stories. 

Corruption in the "bowels of city hall" not only costs us as taxpayers, it costs us as business owners and workers and it decreases the wealth of our shared community. Time to end it. Now.

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El Paso Doesn't Need Consultants to Run El Paso

El Paso Politically - Wed, 01/06/2016 - 5:44pm
Want a high-impact speaker and facilitator? Call Nancy Bartlett of the Bartlett Alliance. Does the name sound familiar? It should. She's our city's Chief Performance Officer. She tagged along with our part-time City Manager from Irving, Texas to do a new gig in El Paso. She doesn't live in El Paso and heaven knows she has a consulting business to run. So the question must be: How much serious attention can she really give our city? 

I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of the thinking that El Paso is so bereft of talent, knowledge and experience that we’ve got to go way out of town to find such things as city leaders, contractors, consultants, artists, yada, yada, yada.

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Romero Resigns?

El Paso Politically - Tue, 01/05/2016 - 7:21pm
There are conflicting reports whether or not Larry Romero has resigned as the District 2 Representative. He had reportedly suffered a stroke before Christmas. The El Paso Times reported just a little while ago online, that Mr. Romero's doctor had advised him not to return to his job for at least a month.

Martin Paredes (El Paso News) released this statement from Romero:

"On December 19, 2015 Representative Romero suffered a mild stroke and has partial loss of movement in his right hand, leg, and mouth. His doctor has ordered that he not return to his City duties for at least 1 month to allow for recovery and rehabilitation, at that time his doctor will re-evaluate his condition."

City Hall insiders say that he has not resigned. One says: "Doesn't seem like he is resigning. At this point."

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Romero Reportedly Suffered Stroke

El Paso Politically - Mon, 01/04/2016 - 11:30am
It has been confirmed by a prominent El Paso commentator that District 2 Rep. Larry Romero suffered a mild stroke before Christmas. He was hospitalized for several days. This was apparently the reason for his missing the last 2015 City Council meeting before the holiday recess.

No matter what the current controversies surrounding him are, I join my fellow El Pasoans in wishing that he have a full recovery and good health henceforth. 

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A Reader Says It Best

El Paso Politically - Thu, 12/31/2015 - 11:21am
I did not say well what I intended to say in my post yesterday. My post was not a criticism about Bryan Crowe. It was a criticism of the leadership (if you can call it that) of our part-time City Manager, Tommy Gonzalez. One reader commented and said what I was trying to say a thousand times better. Here is that anonymous post:

"Bryan is the most competent of the bunch of people he promoted. But a leader? No. To oversee our parks system? No. Background in libraries? Fine arts? No. A way for the City manager to consolidate power by removing organizational threats (what others would term a quality bench) since Bryan is a contractor? Absolutely. 

"The game was simple. Fire, harass, threaten and chase away any and all threats to Gonzalez making himself the center of every project--even if it means the loss of institutional memory, good leaders, skilled administrators. Once accomplished, ask for multiple raises because it looks like you're indispensable (2 contract amendments already). Irving weak playbook 101. Also narcissism and megalomania 101. 

"Just look at the fact that another one of his key leaders used to write press releases for sun metro. Now sun metro reports to that person. Absolutely absurd. A part time chief performance officer sounds good, yet despite living elsewhere and constantly traveling to hone her skills as a motivational speaker, there have been no performance gains. Just all open positions cut and none filled. 

"The sad part of the game is that the inner circle he promoted assumed his personality and leadership style--secretive, elitist, abusive, unsupportive, vain. The one skill they did bring was their collective void of knowledge about the broader organization. Now as a group they walk around blaming the El Paso Times for making this all up. 

"A little modesty might teach them they were ill equipped for the job they were given and the management style they chose was an abject failure. Not a single one is fit to serve where they are when a new city manager is hired, God willing."

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Anybody Seen My Old Friend Bryan?

El Paso Politically - Wed, 12/30/2015 - 4:30pm
Can you tell me where he's gone?

I've been asking around to learn what City staff thinks about the Quality of Life Managing Director, Bryan Crowe. Our part-time City Manager appointed this employee of a private company that has a contract with the city to provide convention and visitors' services. Besides Destination El Paso, Bryan oversees Museums and Cultural Affairs, Libraries, Parks and Recreation, and the Zoo.

I've gotten some not-so-positive responses:

"He's just someone who reports to the City Manager."

"Ever since we got the new City Manager, I have noticed upper management playing more of their cards closer to their chest."

"I've never met him." [This from someone who is not exactly low person on the totem pole.]

"There is little or no transparency."

Now let's review Strategic Goal #5 of the 2015 Strategic Plan adopted by City Council:

5.) Promote Transparent and Consistent Communication Amongst All Members of the Community
5.1 Set a climate of respect, collaboration and team spirit among Council, city staff and the community
5.4 Enhance internal communication and employee engagement 

How can you have "team spirit" with a "coach" you've never met? There is no "internal communication and employee engagement." Transparency? That's just a buzz word.

The strategic goals are subterfuge. The real intent is for one and only one decision-maker - our part-time City Despot.

Time to go to the Tap.

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Who Should Be on the El Paso CAD Board of Directors

El Paso Politically - Tue, 12/29/2015 - 4:53pm
I'm trying to think of an apt simile. Let's say I'm a banker and I go to myself for a loan. Not only do I get what I want, I get it as a gift. The Board of Directors of the El Paso Central Appraisal District functions like that. The Board is composed of members from all the different taxing districts: schools, county, city, and community college. The member is usually an elected official from the taxing entity. For example, Commissioner Vince Perez represents the County. The board member can also be appointed by the elected officials of a district. Gary Gandara, brother of incarcerated drug trafficker and former stash house owner, Willie, represents the Socorro ISD. Standing in for the City of El Paso is the former City Manager, Joyce $22 Million Wilson. I think that you all know why I call her "$22 Million" and it ain't her smile.

What disturbs me about the CAD Board is that everyone on it belongs (or belonged) to an entity whose budgets are paid for by your property taxes. They're the bankers who give themselves (their districts - or, in Joyce's case, her salaries for all her years in government) your deposits. They are also the ones who decide what your deposit must be to cover what they want. In the case of school districts, they want plenty not to educate children but fatten administrators instead. In the case of government, they want plenty not to govern effectively but build Frankensteins such as San Jacinto Plaza Park and the Children's Hospital.

I have a nominee for the CAD Board. It is a 75-year-old widowed Abuelita from the Segundo Barrio who is struggling to pay the exorbitant property tax on her little home. That's who should be on the CAD Board.

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Headed for the Tap

El Paso Politically - Mon, 12/28/2015 - 4:35pm
Photo by republished on the Tap Bar Facebook page
In his El Paso Inc article, posted online today, Concerns arise about city staffing, David Crowder exposes what a few of us have known all along. Two of part-time City Manager Tommy G's lieutenants either don't live in El Paso or aren't employees of the City of El Paso. His Chief Performance Officer, Nancy Bartlett, doesn't even live here and apparently visits maybe twice a week. Bryan Crowe, the Executive Director of Destination El Paso, is employed by SMG, an entertainment and convention management firm which has a contract with El Paso. Gonzalez made him the Quality of Life Managing Director for the city.

Crowder also gives us the good news and the bad. The good news is that TG has cut expenditures. The bad news is that he has done this by cutting personnel, a tactic that he has used in his other short-lived stints as a City Manager in other Texas cities.

Consider what these two facts together mean. First we have a leadership team composed of one person who doesn't live here, shop here and pay taxes here; and another person - Crowe, the Quality of Life Managing Director - who has no personal accountability at all to City Council. Secondly, we have a CM who cuts personnel and streamlines government so that it becomes a daily victim to his micro-management. 

I understand the arguments for a strong City Manager form of government. (I also understand the arguments for a strong Mayor form of government.) However, a strong City Manager is or should be accountable to the people of El Paso through their elected Mayor and City representatives. By making a non-El Paso citizen and a non-El Paso city employee part of his management team and by cutting needed personnel, Gonzalez has become not just a strong City Manager but a despot who has undermined staff morale in all city departments and opened the door to deals with a city representative with whom he does personal business. 

The El Paso County Historical Commission informs us that the "first meeting place for the [City of El Paso] government was a saloon on S. El Paso St. at the site of the [present-day] Camino Real Hotel." The ultimate step for Tommy G's ruling elite is to cut expenses by foregoing all city personnel and meeting with a weak City Council at a saloon. Who needs City 1 or 2 or 3 or 4? I recommend the dive bar, Tap Bar and Restaurant. ("Restaurant" is stretching it of course.)

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Merry Christmas

El Paso Politically - Thu, 12/24/2015 - 11:31am

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Help Preserve Castner Range with Letter to President Obama

El Paso Politically - Wed, 12/23/2015 - 4:16pm
Mexican Poppies at Castner Range. Photo by Chuck Kooshian
Sample Letter to Presdident Obama by jimhtolbert434

Earlier today I went to the Frontera Land Alliance Office to turn in some letters to the Executive Director, Janae' Reneaud Field. She told me that we have until January 20, 2016 to get the first 1,000 letters to President Obama asking him to designate Castner Range as a National Monument.

You can download a sample letter (above) by clicking on the title. Download, print, fill out (you can hand print), sign and mail or email the letter  to Janaé Reneaud Field, Frontera Land Alliance, 3800 N. Mesa St., Suite A2-258. El Paso, TX 79902. E-mail:

Please don't return to the President. We want to collect all the letters first and then send them.

You can learn more about the effort to preserve Castner Range as a National Monument by visiting:

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El Paso Politically - Tue, 12/22/2015 - 4:08pm
Martín Paredes' blog post yesterday provided information about the vetting of candidates for the new board of the Children's Hospital. I noted that my friend, Rick Bonart, had applied and had ended up on a list with eight other people whose names had all been crossed off. I asked Rick about this and he told me that he had submitted a resume but was never called or interviewed. Bonart told me: "What is upsetting is that no one called to even ask a single question let alone have formal interviews. When I worked at the PSB, I called every applicant when they applied for the position."

It seems that the powers to be have their favorites, the persons with whom they work in the good-old-boy/girl system. It also seems that they are just impolite. There wasn't even the courtesy of a "thanks for applying, but yada, yada, yada."

We often wonder why El Paso seems to stay in the same political ruts and vicious circles. It's because policy makers never consider that new faces on boards and commissions might just not make the same bad choices and decisions. 

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City Council Chaos

El Paso Politically - Wed, 12/16/2015 - 4:17pm
Normally I wouldn't write a story about a domestic dispute involving a city aide. It's private. However, the story about Jeremy Jordan's arrest and dismissal from his job at Cortney Niland's aide made the Times. See Update: Aide arrested after argument with wife.

The Times has not reported yet that the woman recanted her story on Monday morning to the DA. That did not matter to the city's Human Relations Department. Mr. Jordan was on contract and the contract was terminated at the behest of Rep. Cortney Niland. (Note to Jeremy: I know an excellent attorney who deals with this kind of injustice.)

Mr. Jordan was one of the few pockets of sanity in the City Council offices at City Hall. He certainly was the best aspect of Niland's office. Now she is left with interns and the city is left with her, an emotionally on edge grandstander who one pundit has described as a megalomaniac. Another keen city observer suggests that "this drama will cause all policy decisions and other legislative issues to die on the vine and the whole city will be paralyzed for months to come."

The loss of Jeremy Jordan adds to the chaos already caused by years of Council member squabbling, unethical behavior by Rep. Larry Romero and part-time City Manager, Tommy Gonzalez. Doing the business of the city not political posturing is what we elected this bunch to do.

Council did ask Larry Romero to resign from the city’s Financial Audit and Oversight Committee, which he chairs, as well as from his role as alternate mayor pro tempore and from his post on the Rio Grande Council of Governments. Council has also referred to the city ethics committee Romero's preparation of Tommy Gonzalez's tax return. But Council failed to take any further action on Tommy except to limit some of his responsibilities and to ask him to appoint a temporary City Manager to serve during his vacation. Why Council couldn't or wouldn't make that appointment themselves deepens the skepticism of their ability to lead the city government and to make policy.

The sooner all of these issues are resolved, the better. Romero should resign. Gonzalez should get his severance so he can become a full-time Lean Six-Sigma consultant. Niland should get some counseling. Good, smart people such as Jeremy Jordan should be welcommed back to City Hall in some capacity.

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PSB Insanity?

El Paso Politically - Tue, 12/15/2015 - 4:58pm
What is that definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? If that is the case, then, regarding awarding contracts, the PSB is insane. Just look at tomorrow's agenda. Items 16 and 12 should be switched around.

In Item 16 the PSB is being asked to "ratify an emergency contract with Jordan Foster Construction, LLC in an amount not to exceed $3,000,000, for the construction of the Gateway West Stormwater Pond." The emergency arose because CMD Endeavors couldn't finish the project. They had to bail out because - forgive me - they couldn't bail the water out from the stormwater pond. The project proved to be too "challenging" for this low bidder.

Now go to Item 12. It reads: "Consider and award Bid Number 65-15, Partello Street 30-Inch Water Transmission Main Phase II from Hayes Avenue to Pollard Street, to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder, CMD Endeavors, Incorporated in the amount of $792,820, and authorize the use of commercial paper."

Wait a moment! PSB is going to award a job to the company that couldn't complete another job just because they are the "lowest, responsible bidder"?

I do not know if this is true or not, but the word on the street is that CMD has a number of bonding claims against them. Whether these are claims against purchase or payment bonds or both I don't know. Either way, it means that they are probably in financial trouble. PSB could call its own bonding agent to get more information.  One would think that they check on bond claims as necessary background on any bidder.

So, PSB goes to the lowest bidder, gets burned and still goes to the lowest bidder, CMD Endeavors. Insane. I'd feel better about rate hikes if the PSB would better manage their bids.

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Gonzalez to Get Paid Administrative Leave?

El Paso Politically - Sat, 12/12/2015 - 6:06pm
At Carl Robinson's weekly Friday morning breakfast meeting yesterday, Times editor, Bob Moore said this: "The City Manager [Tommy Gonzalez] may end up going on paid administrative leave."

Hmmm. The city would probably come to a complete standstill because staff has been bullied into not even taking a bathroom break without the dictate of Tomás.

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The Irony ISN'T Lost on Everybody

El Paso Politically - Wed, 12/09/2015 - 1:51pm
David K makes a very good point on his Refuse the Juice post today. Good reading.

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