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Screw the little guy..El Paso style.

Brownfield Empire - Thu, 01/02/2014 - 2:52pm

Reading the El Paso Times this morning I came across this . Apparently our sanitation workers are making too much money so city council comes up with a plan to outsource garbage collection. We seem to have plenty of money to rebate/abate/incentivize building a mall next to a mall, a hotel in downtown and of course the scam of all local scams to date....the taxpayer funded building of a ball park that is what 50 percent higher than the initial than the initial costs estimates where? How about the tearing down of city hall and leasing/buying properties for city government offices from the wealthy folks who contribute significant money to political campaigns? We can afford that, but sorry sanitation workers we need to cut your pay and benefits down to size.

This grand idea is being championed by City Council member Courtney Niland see her bio here  here . Her stockbroker past certainly should serve as a warning flag to the working class of El Paso. I actually find it humorous that she was all for the ball park and every other corporate welfare package that has been presented to city council and now she decides to chase after some sanitation workers in the name of fiscal responsibility? Give me a break!!!

P.S. I will not comment on her time in the El Paso "non profit" community. In my experience... El Paso "non-profits" are nothing short of a tax dodge.

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2013...that's a wrap!

Brownfield Empire - Tue, 12/31/2013 - 12:05pm

2013...Glad to see you in the rear view mirror. This was one of the worst years of my life. 2014 might be better, but inmate Lorenzo Garcia becomes Mr. Garcia, and maybe Dr. Garcia in November of this upcoming year. As long as we have Federal Prosecutor Debra Kanof and Federal Judge Montalvo we will continue to see no justice in the corruption cases. I think those two should be added to the committee who appoints people for the conquistador award since they speak so highly of convicted felons. Betti Flores who shattered the public trust in the worst way possible...that is taking money for a vote .....gets a free pass and a nice little speech on her behalf on how critical she was to the investigation. Must be nice. Nothing happened to Travis Ketner either who was running the office of then County Judge Tony Cobos who admitted taking money as an elected official. Again, must be nice. In fact I think he is practicing law in San Antonio these days. So much for the "high standards" of the Texas Bar and the judicial canons of ethics. Speaking of judicial ethics in El Paso, I hope Manny Barraza is enjoying prison life. Speaking of judges, I wonder how retirement is treating Alfredo "Fred" Chavez?

How soon until EPISD floats a bond issue? I would have to suspect we will see something on that topic come out in 2014. Hey, maybe they can appoint Inmate...err Dr....ahh Mr. Garcia as chairman of the citizen bond oversight committee? Too bade Bear Stearns is out of business I bet they would have given EPISD a sweet deal on the bond financing. The good news is Goldman is still out there and I am more than sure something can be arranged that is out of sight from the taxpayer and benefits the same old crows who stalk our tax dollars like a predator.

Our corporate welfare project aka the Ball Park will open this year. My guess is that inside of 15 years we will need to completely revamp the Ball Park at taxpayer expense. I further predict that we the taxpayer who have paid for this "project" will never see the books from MountainStar. We will blindly accept what they choose to tell us. Season 1 will be a success and it will thrown back in our face with a lot of  I told ya so's from the Editorial pages at the paper and local political hacks. Keep in mind that the deal is for what? 40 or 50 years? They will never pay back what we invested and that isnt counting all the moving of City Hall...etc.

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More questions than answers

Brownfield Empire - Thu, 12/26/2013 - 12:28pm

Read this EPCC funky board and this EPCC board

Tony Cobos is headed to federal prison according to an article in the El Paso Times. If you take the time to click the links above I am sorta curious as to where the EPCC case is at today? Maybe the FBI concluded that nothing happened at EPCC? Maybe the folks representing EPCC outsmarted the feds? I dont know. If you know will you post it in the comments section?

Anyone remember this  the infinity contract ? Some people just seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and conversely some people seem to be at the right place and at the right time.

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Merry Christmas?

Brownfield Empire - Wed, 12/25/2013 - 11:37am

Another year and another Christmas have come and gone. Have any of us actually taken the time to ponder our standard of living compared to conquered nations? I was thinking about this last night when watching the SANTA WATCH stuff on TV. Here I am in my heated home, watching TV after a day of having a full house with in laws other family. All seems well, then I thought about the kids that get a "flyover" from Santa. Kids and adults alike living in the city dump of some 3rd world metro. No Santa for you. On a day like today, I force myself to think about how their suffering enables us to live the way we do.
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Interesting article and even more interesting comments

Brownfield Empire - Tue, 12/24/2013 - 1:26pm
Your pals on Wall Street

I found the comments on this article most interesting. It seems quite obvious to me that the American people have given up on the hope of Wall Street reform or regulation. I think that legacy of President Obama will be this, false hope. We as a people are so beaten down and whipped by the power players that maybe the premise of revolution and revenge is something we should consider? The alternative is to learn to like the whip as some of you probably already have.

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The El Paso Times

Brownfield Empire - Tue, 12/24/2013 - 11:24am

For all the crap we give them, we should give them credit when they do good. Bob Moore won editor of the year for their coverage of the EPISD scandal. Mr. Moore and the paper are to be congratulated for fighting for the public's right to know and backing that up with legal action to get documents that EPISD was trying to hide from public view. In a time of shrinking readership and lower budgets the paper took some risks and it paid off....for us. We were the winners of their reporting on this story. The way they went after the story is a credit to Mr. Moore. I wish we could say the same about other local stories, but this is a time for celebration at the Times and I hope they all have a wonderful holiday and take some time to smell the roses.
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Weekend notes

Brownfield Empire - Sun, 12/22/2013 - 9:17pm

Really glad to see El Paso outraged about the Border Patrol and UMC scandal. I thought this community was blindly pro police state, but it seems that we as a community are better than that. The El Paso Times public poll was somewhere around 60-40 in favor of constitutional protections against warrantless searches. Way to go El Paso, I didnt think you had it in you.

Looks like Mexico has ended the PEMEX monopoly kinda sorta. As I understand it, and I am probably wrong so please correct me, the government is allowing foriegn investment in oil exploration in Mexico and her waters. This does not end the distribution monopoly of PEMEX. One of the only virtues of capitalism is competition and the people of Mexico are not getting that. They have just legalized the taking of bribes from non mexicans to take what is left of Mexico's oil reserves. As usual the Mexican people take it in the shorts.
All the Mexican people need to know is that Wall Street is hailing this as good news..,therefore you can be confident you are getting screwed.

I saw over at the Mock El Paso Times site a nice post about stadiums and how the taxpayer gets the shaft on new stadium deals. The thing is that it's never been a secret. For a long time now independent academics have warned us of these deals and of course nobody listens. Instead we listen to the corporate welfare bunch  
at thenational and  local chambers of commerce. This is the same as the nicotine addictive issue of years ago...who do you believe...independent scientists or paid for scientists at the national tobacco research institute? As someone who quit smoking 10 days ago I can attest that nicotine is indeed addictive.

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University Medical Center

Brownfield Empire - Thu, 12/19/2013 - 9:19pm

Boy oh boy, did you all read the ACLU lawsuit against the county hospital known as University Medical Center and the US Customs and Border Patrol? Pucker up taxpayers. This is going to cost us big bucks. I hope the hospital board of managers and Mr. Valenti are held personally responsible for this disgrace.

For those of us who seek outcomes that are fair and just, we need to hope this case gets moved out of El Paso. As seen in the El Paso Times today, an online poll shows that El Paso supports law enforcement abusing citizens under the cloak of national security. What kind of place is this? Brown people ashamed and hateful of their heritage? Citizens giving carte blanche to law enforcement tactics used in police states?

Veronica Escobar better thank her personal God that El Paso hates Mexico and Mexicans, otherwise her involvement with UMC might be a negative in her RE-election bid. She has been very involved with Mr. Valenti in changing hospital policies during her tenure at the county as both Judge and Commissioner. I am sure they will win a local award when this is all over. After all, it was only a Mexican who wasnt ashamed of her heritage or afraid to visit her friends in Mexico. In the minds of a majority of El Paso that makes her guilty of something. Meanwhile the Border agents and the folks at UMC are angels who are protecting us from the boogieman.

Am I assuming the victim was a dark complected Mexican? You bet!

I see that Tracy Yellen is trying to spin this with her little blurb in the paper. Good Luck spinning this one. Hopefully it will get the same about of national coverage as 25k spent on holiday lights in the lower valley. ya think it will? Rather than being a national joke for a day or two, hopefully the whole world will see what an ugly place this is and I do not mean the scenery.

Will Texas Tech want its name removed from everything at that hospital? Hope so. That would send a message.

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Fake Grassroots

Brownfield Empire - Thu, 12/19/2013 - 2:54pm

Look at this site and then the board of directors. LOL

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Never visiting Mexico again!!!

Brownfield Empire - Thu, 12/19/2013 - 11:36am

Now that dogs are considered impeccable witnesses I will not cross into Mexico for fear of my return to the USA. Some stupid dog sniffs me the wrong way and now I am subjected to being stripped naked and searched by government goons? I pass that test, then I get to be naked in front of some foreign intern at the county hospital while they watch me take a crap? If they dont find anything then I get treated like a Gitmo detainee and have forced medical procedures performed on me? If I pass that I am allowed to go free, but with a bill for services rendered from the hospital?

Funny thing is that I am not afraid of Mexico, but rather my own government here in the USA. 
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Get rid of him too!

Brownfield Empire - Wed, 12/18/2013 - 12:59pm

The interim Principal from Austin High School was in attendance last night at the Dr. Tanner roast down at EPISD HQ. Why was he there? To show his support for his friend Dr. Tanner. That should immediately disqualify him from getting the permanent principal job at Austin High. Too many teachers have been bullied, fired/re-instated/ and retaliated against by the old Tanner regime. Bringing in a FOT (friend of tanner) does nothing to quiet down that mess.

Congrats to the barrio crowd for making complete asses of yourselves by your cult like worship of all things Tanner. If by some miracle the federal prosecutor and federal judge do not bury the rumored case against Tanner you will all see for yourselves how you were played for fools.

Maybe Dr. Tanner can move down to South America and you can all join him in Tannertown? Enjoy the juice you yokels.
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Dr. John Tanner AKA Jesus Christ

Brownfield Empire - Tue, 12/17/2013 - 11:32am

Oh Lord, Can I get an Amen, Can I get a hallelujah ?

Dr. John Tanner former principal of Austin High School in El Paso Texas has his job on the front of the school board tonight. Currently Saint John de Austin High School gets paid for staying at home...or so the rumor goes. Last time he faced termination the entire barrio around Austin High showed up to support this white milk bottle. They will be back again...this time at EPISD HQ. The funny thing is that Dr. Tanner (as widely reported and or rumored) been under investigation for denying kids an education or in some cases graduating kids who were not eligible to graduate. The Barrio will show its ignorance once again by rallying around a man who used your kids as pawns to meet his goals and bonuses.

My guess as to why now is because of the recent sentences given out to Betti Flores and Fernando Parra. I think the district was waiting for the federal prosecutor to end his EPISD employment. As we can all see now, our federal judges and prosecutors are a bunch of softies who accept that public corruption and defrauding the taxpayer and federal government is no big deal. The question I have is...Dr. Tanner under a sealed indictment that was somehow unsealed for the EPISD board of managers? If so, why can't the public know? Has Dr. Tanner or his henchmen admitted under oath that retaliation was carried out against certain employees for speaking up about questionable activities at Austin High School during his watch? If so, why are we kept in the dark?
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Brown on Brown crime

Brownfield Empire - Mon, 12/16/2013 - 1:43pm

Sorry about the sloppy way I post links. 

Read the article and comments. I think it pretty much sums up EL Paso. Brown people ashamed of being brown. AN unquestioning public and prosecutors office that allows law enforcement to become nothing more than another gang when dealing with the poor. If it was some rich guy with a fancy lawyer.... they make arrangements to make the booking and questioning process oh so...agreeable. Like a good meal.

I really wish someone like Dr. Garcia or Sal Mena would get that kind of beating, but no. We wait for the weakest of the weak...the most vulnerable and then the brownies (brownshirts or brownskinned) with the border patrol cant wait to beat him to death because the cowards know that they will not face any penalty for doing so. 

Most of EL Paso loved Silver Hi Ho Reyes and his border policies of using mother nature as a deterrent to illegal crossings. Encouraging death by exposure was a crime in itself. 

So viva la raza...unless they are sick, poor, unemployed and/or desperate for a better life mowing your grass. Be sure to point out the costs for schools and the emergency room that come out of your precious tax that we can pay for a stadium that benefits land speculators and millionaires and grossly overpay another brown skinned brother who spoke so tenderheartedly about educating kids working in the fields of California as he accepts a grotesque contract to be "our" school superintendent.
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Brownfield Empire - Mon, 12/16/2013 - 8:22am
The Juan Cabrera contract.

What else needs to be said? I guess I should head to the home of Dee Margo and set myself on fire in his driveway. Maybe that would send a message.

Teachers make nothing in EPISD and they overpay a unqualified clown to get his certificate and run the district at the same time? Meanwhile teachers looking at retirement are basically trying to figure out how to survive on poverty level benefits after 30 plus years of teaching?

see the above post for details on the contract.

Leave a message here if you are willing to set yourself on fire in protest. I will join you.
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Brownfield Empire - Fri, 12/13/2013 - 6:01pm

Remember the film Goodfellas? How about the line of "never rat out your friends, and always keep your mouth shut"? Turns out our local federal prosecutor Ms. Kanof has a different saying "always rat out your friends in order to save your own behind". Prosecutor Kanof is spreading around holiday cheer to the bad boys and girls of the "I plead guilty, your honor" crowd down at the federal courthouse. Today's lucky winners were Betti Flores and Fernando Parra. Congratulations for "earning" probation for your crimes against the taxpayer and the "in"justice system here in El Paso. I thought that Ms. Kanof could have been a bit more effusive with her praise of the defendants, like for example....nominating Betti and Fernando for the Nobel Prize in corruption fighting........or maybe get on the horn with The Vatican and propose them for sainthood?

Handing down the wrist slaps was Federal Judge Frank Montalvo. In his sentencing statement of  Mr. Fernando Parra he said he wasn't impressed with the defendant getting his PhD. His Honor went on to say that many people with a PhD or who attended a prestigious university worked on Wall Street during it's unindicted scandal that rocked the nation. My humble suggestion is to send Judge Montalvo to a New York Federal Court so he can fight Wall Street  corruption over there and they send us a New York Federal Judge who lets Wall Street crooks walk while being outraged at Public Corruption in El Paso.

What I find most interesting is how reliant the government is on rats. I know for a fact that the public has gone to the government with evidence and documents showing a federal crime has taken place. The FBI and Ms. Kanof seem to prefer the word and documents of someone under indictment trying to save their own behind, rather than a concerned citizen trying to do the right thing. In fact some of the GOOD citizens actually lost their jobs for trying to inform federal law enforcement of crimes committed by their employer. The good citizens were not seeking anything from the government, except justice. We can clearly see that Justice will not be served by this prosecutor and judge.

Rats win, and the REAL GOODFELLAS lose.
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Short and sweet post

Brownfield Empire - Thu, 12/12/2013 - 2:41pm


Most of you reading this said I would be back and here I am. I continue my 15 year streak of being friendless in El Paso, so I use this blog to reach out and express myself. My wife can only handle so much negativity until she gets mad/depressed....thus my return to my little blog.

My son is finishing his degree at UTEP. He is getting a minor in psychology so I asked him what is his diagnosis would be if he evaluated me. He said Aspergers  syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and major depression and that I need to do something for my depression. I thought it was interesting to see his perspective. I have to admit I have been feeling very depressed this past 8 months or so. My job is dependent on federal funding. The sequester has not affected me, but the threat is out there and it scares the crap out of me. So I decided to do something about it.

As you may or may not know I am a victim of racial and economic discrimination. When I was a teenager I began volunteering with a Federal Agency and eventually learned enough that they decided to pay me by making me a temporary employee while I was still in High School. I was allowed to work part time and was given one shift a week where I worked alone and did all the things the other federal employees did as GS-09 and GS-10's. A pretty big accomplishment for just a kid. Even though I was only getting paid 16 hours a week as a whopping GS-01 I was there at the office more like 50 hours a week, it's all I wanted to do. If I had gone on to college I would have been a GS-12 or GS-13 after graduation and putting in my time. I didnt want to do that and instead wanted a GS-05-07-09 slot. I was qualified for it and the guys wanted me to get into the agency as a career conditional employee. I was devastated when I was told to my face that I was indeed qualified for the job I wanted but the fact I was white and not economically disadvantaged meant they had no way to get me in, unless I got my degree. I didnt want to go to school (despite my parents both being college grads and insisting I go to college) so the guys I worked with got me into Federal Contract work doing mostly the same stuff I did for them. That leads me to where I am today.

I am still doing federal contract work to this day, more than 25 years later. I have done well for myself financially thanks to this job and was able to Marry my wife and adopt her 2 kids...well now they are my kids since biodad has never contacted any of them during our entire 15 year marriage. The issue now is that our oldest daughter is out of the house, has her college degree with a job in her field,  and lives in another city in Texas. Our son is about 1 year away from graduation at UTEP. We (my wife and I) have no ties to El Paso of any sort. We are comfortable here for the most part. The problem is that the federal contract I work on is partly based upon how busy the El Paso Airport is. The busier the better. So if the government starts to chop down the number of Airports that get the service I provide... the smaller ones will be the first to go. This has lead to incredible stress for me as whenever talk of budgets, sequesters, cuts come on TV or Radio. I just get sick inside...almost to the point of being frozen in fear. This has lead to depression, anger, rage and sadness. A feeling of gloom and doom follows me daily. Literally when the phone rings at the office I know in the back of my mind that it could be the contractor telling me the program is dead at ELP and I am out of a job and an identity. This job is who I am and without it I am nothing.

Finally my wife talked me into seeing a job counselor in order for me to see myself though the eyes of another person. This lead me to apply for a Federal job in my field...the issue is that they are only hiring for remote Alaska stations. I did it anyway. In order to do this I had to have references and all that stuff for a resume. This lead me to call the companies I currently work for (3) and my old supervisor from back when I was working for a federal agency. I was amazed at the nice things they said about my work and that they would fully support my efforts to gain federal employment. What surprised me more was that by simply telling my current employers that I was looking to move on I was given a 20 percent pay raise by one firm and an offer that if ELP ends and the program continues that I can become the manager at ORD (one of my numerous old stomping grounds back in the day) another company just gained 19 sites in the latest contract awards and is working on developing a career plan for me within the company or as a consultant in addition to staying here as the manager or possibly moving on to IAH as the manager for that site. I have to say that all the nice things and job offerings made me feel really great and has lead to more energy from me and a more positive attitude towards the future and life.

The stress of constant uncertainty about my job has lead me to be the obese smoker that I am today. I always wanted to die before I got the boot. The very idea of dying with dignity/pride as a working professional in my field is something that I still find hard to dismiss. I guess that explains my suicidal ideation I have had for years?

Now to more interesting topics.

Why is Eddie Holguin such a bad man for wanting the lights display? You would have thought he killed someone, been involved with public corruption or denied a child an education. Look, everyone knows it was a political move as part of his run at the County Judge position. Was it a waste of tax dollars? It was. Was it spent in an area that has historically been ignored for goodies from the taxpayer? Yes. Was he a hypocrite for supporting it considering his stance on public spending on non essential items? You bet. Do I think Eddie is a bad person for doing it? No. He is a politician and therefore not subject to being judged as a human being. Politicians are all sub humans. We know that, so stop with the fake outrage already. For the Eddie supporters.... stop acting like he is some sort of idol. If he truly was a gifted politician he would have been able to sway the voters and his fellow representatives to stop the craziness with the downtown plan. Eddie failed in that endeavor.

I know, I know we didnt get a vote on downtown and it was and is a political insider/donor game. Keep in mind only a few people spoke up about the DoubleTree deal. That was corporate welfare, just like the entire downtown project has been. Where were you all on that issue? I was against it, and I know for a fact I was in the minority. This whole deal has been a perfect example of the slippery slope. Once it got rolling, once that deal with the DoubleTree and Jimbo was approve and later amended...all to the benefit of Jimbo and corporate types it was all over. 

Looks like EPISD gets a free pass from the civil rights division of the Department of Education. Congrats! Awesome job by the feds of tacitly approving of what went on with EPISD. Speaking of the feds if I was told something that occurred in front of the Grand Jury am I allowed to post it without being sent to Gitmo? Our federal prosecutor has been a dismal failure in going after EPISD. Dr. Garcia stands alone in prison? Give me a freaking break. The man was the top dog, but his underlings did a lot of bad stuff, are they all getting a free pass for rolling over on him? Can anyone tell me (assuming I have any readers) if workplace retaliation against a known federal witness is a crime? If so, why isn't anyone in jail for that?

Any football fans out there remember the infamous Dennis Green quote of "They are who we thought they were"? That is how I feel about Mayor Oscar. All the excitement about him was very similar to President Obama in his first run for the White House. Short on specifics and long on empty talk/platitudes. His biggest accomplishment was getting MountainStar to pony up and temporarily stop the bleeding of tax dollars for this boondoggle. That is one thing I am sure that Steve Ortega would have never done. In El Paso politics, standing up to MountainStar is akin to a Christian fighting a Lion. Of course the HUNTER® group will be back at the taxpayer trough shortly and win. Oh, I would be remiss not to congratulate fiscal conservative Woody Hunt got a huge federal contract award to build section 8 housing...oh the irony. 

I saw the El Paso Times EDITORIAL about the Civil Rights and EPISD thing mentioned above. I can understand their collective outrage at the federal government not performing its watchdog duties. The consolation is that as the only daily newspaper in El Paso, they failed to perform their duties as a watchdog when given tip after tip after tip about what was going on and they did nothing they can certainly understand the position of the FEDS.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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Southwest Airlines and El Paso International Airport

Brownfield Empire - Wed, 12/11/2013 - 5:20pm
These are the lowest load factor airports within the Southwest/AirTran system. The next schedule download from SWA will be for Summer 2014 and that is due out soon.. I would expect to see ELP lose about 10-20 percent of its SWA flights. With the end of the perimeter rule at Dallas Love DAL and the likely addition of more slots at Washington National DCA and New York LaGuardia LGA the forecast for ELP is not good. 


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Jay K

Brownfield Empire - Wed, 12/11/2013 - 1:05pm

Jay Jay Jay,

You are the picture of health. You hike and walk. Meanwhile I sit, eat, and afterwards take a smoke break. Climbing the stairs in my home for me is about equal to you hiking across the Andes. Have you seen all those health magazines that talk about El Paso being fat, lazy, and stupid? I am the poster boy! I will try and dig up a pic of me and post it on here. The most recent ones I can think of were at the Sun Bowl when Oklahoma beat Stanford. That was glorious! I might have some of the OU friends and alumni dealio they had at the doubletaxation hotel in downtown El Paso prior to that Sun Bowl. I got a pic with former Barry Switzer Assistant coach Merv Johnson who now does the color commentary on OU football radio broadcasts.

As for my politics. I havent voted in a good while now. I see it as pointless and only serves to make it look like I endorse the system. Former Senator Wellstone of Minnesota was someone I liked and of course I love Bernie Sanders. Noam Chomsky speaks a lot of truth in my opinion. I never got excited by Obama because I actually listened to what he said when he ran the first time...I knew he was no liberal and he has proven me correct. This country would be exactly where it is now under John McCain had he won election. Oh sure some of the wedge issues like Gay Marriage and Gays in the military would be different. I am talking about issues like trade and economic justice. Look at the banking scandal....McCain would have been just like Obama....FREE PASS for WALL STREET. Look at this Pacific Trade Deal that Obama is looks like something Mitt Romney would have drafted and promoted. How can Obama talk about economic inequality in America and not address Free Trade and the devastation it has wrought on the working class?

I could talk about the NSA and all that, but I know you and my dozens of readers are intelligent to know that President McCain or President Romney would have done the exact same thing. Looking ahead at 2016 we have Hillary who is a more conservative version of Barack Obama and then some loon from the far right running on the Republican ticket. Why on Earth would I bother to get out of my car and walk a few steps to vote for either one?

My daughter is in Costa Rica right now but she will be coming for a visit at the end of the month, she might be able to find those pics of me and then I can post them. Although if you know Xavier Miranda, Tim Collins or Mike Armstead they can vouch for my status as a SLOTH.
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Camping in El Paso

Brownfield Empire - Tue, 12/10/2013 - 1:13pm

No, No, No, not that kind of camping I'm far too fat for that. I'll leave that to skinny guys like Jay K. I am talking about political camps. I found it interesting that when Martin Parades wrote a blog piece he used bold type when he named names...for example Veronica Escobar. He uses this all the time and is a good method in my opinion to help the reader who is just browsing to see who is named in the article. What I found interesting about the Parades piece I am referring to is the name Luther Jones. Luther Jones? Really? Not Luther Jones? Not Luther Jones?  How about LUTHER JONES? 

I think it's fairly obvious that the Luther Jones camp is now under new management and it's Silver HiHo Reyes ®  leading the charge. Keep in mind that Silver was no liberal. Silver is the guy who devised the plan to use mother nature as a border crossing deterrent. Seeing women and children die of exposure for the crime of trying to find a better life may excite the most rabid anti immigrant factions of the community, but let's face it most of us...brown or white come from similar backgrounds as those crossing the border without papers these days. Our ancestors couldn't cut it back in the motherland and had to come here to sweep storefronts or pick fruit for a living and to find some opportunity.  Many of us have forgotten our roots and now lead the charge against these poor people...blaming them for our problems. Examples such as kids from Mexico going to USA schools and the county hospital taking care of people regardless of immigration status. Keep in mind the kids are USA citizens but since they dont live in the USA they are not legally entitled to a USA education.

Anyway, sorry to go off on a tangent there. That faction, which happens to be the La Raza group, who are always upset about something concerning Mexican Culture are the same ones who love HiHo Silver ® and his border enforcement techniques. How can there be such a disconnect? I have no idea.

The other side lead by Shap and company are more Washington DC in their approach. Meaning that the policies and procedures that has lead to a 9 percent approval rating of congress are the same ones here. Meaning that lobbyists and big money dictate policy. It's all legal of course and that is the difference. What the Shap Camp ®  is doing is legal but lethal to the taxpayer and honest government advocates. Meanwhile the old Luther Jones side did the same kind of lethal stuff, but illegally.

For you and me, does it really matter which side wins? 
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Look at how badly "they" want it.

Brownfield Empire - Mon, 12/09/2013 - 5:02pm

Look at all the hate and drama coming out for this election. Keep in mind it's no different than any other election. People with huge egos and thin skin tend to run for office and it seems this year's crop is no different. I can't blame them for running. I blame people like us for voting. We should all stay home and let their friends and relatives and those who stand to gain financially from their election be the only ones that vote. It would make a real statement about the most whored out word in our recent politics....change. If we really want change...stay home....send a message. Voting for a person because you hate the other person serves no purpose.

Maybe I will post more tomorrow.
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